So it was one of those rare sunny days in London and we thought a bike ride would be the perfect activity. We got Stine involved and hopped on some Boris bikes that we picked up on Westbourne Grove.

Boris bikes

We cycled all the way to Richmond (a good 1.5 hours) and were thoroughly warm and exhausted by the time we got there. Max is German so we thought we’d try out this beer garden called Stein’s on the Thames.


The menu is pretty much exclusively bavarian – ensuring tasty schitzels, decadent frankfurters and kartoffels in varying shapes and sizes.


According to our resident German the place feels very authentic!images-2

Even thought the rosé was a bit rouge for my taste!


All in all a gorgeous day in the sun, and a great place to get together with friends!



So I thought I’d start out with my absolute favourite restaurant in London – Dinings in Marylebone.

It’s an asian fusion style place situated on Harcourt street opposite the Swedish church where I’ve been for a lively crayfish party a few years back.

It’s rather inconspicuous from the outside..

Dinings London

But wait till we get to the food.

The key here is to get a seat at the bar. There are only 6 spaces but the chefs and the dishes they produce are so captivating that you can’t help but reorder and reorder.

Dinings London

I think there are about 15 covers downstairs but it doesn’t feel quite as special.

When we go we always get the tartar chips. There are the most perfect bites of food you’ll ever eat. They have a variety of 8 different toppings. 2015-08-16_1110

We have tried almost all of them, but my faves are the Wagyu beef version and the surprisingly the salmon one. They both have a bit of a kick with the chilli miso.

dinings tar tar chips

dinings tar tar chips

(The above featured are the lobster and wagyu beef chips)

Then my other favourite is the seabass carpaccio with fresh summer truffle and ponzu jelly (£19.80). Melt in your mouth good!

Seabass carpaccio

The other perfect bite, but ridiculously expensive for what you get.. is the Toro sashimi topped with foie gras mousse and kizami wasabi at (£9.75 / £18.95)

Foie gras mousse

Image by London Tastin’

Aside from that I would suggest asking the server what to get. They know what’s popular and what the customers like! Choose from the specials menu – good sushi you can get all over London, but you come to Dinings for the unusual treats!

dinings specials

Img from Munch my way

Dinings I 22 Harcourt St, London W1H 4HH I Website I £££